Patients face barriers accessing health care, even with insurance

On March 2nd, Dr. Bill Clark, retired internist and chair of the Greater Brunswick Chapter of Maine AllCare, gave the fourth in a series of six talks for state legislators. Sponsored by HealthCare for All Maine, the series is focused on “Improving Health Care in Maine: What Can We Do?”

Dr. Clark gave examples of how difficult it is to get the care one needs, even when one is covered with insurance. “Insurance these days seldom meets expectations for helping people get care, particularly preventive or routine care,” he said. He cited Bureau of Insurance statistics on the lack of health insurance coverage: over 70, 000 are entirely uncovered, and 250,000 are uninsured for part each year.

Dr. Bill Clark with Maine AllCare colleagues at the State House. From left: Dr. Clark, Drs. Henk Goorhuis, Geoff Gratwick, Phil Caper. Photo credit: K Foster

The next session in the series is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, from 12-1 pm in Legislative Conference Room 121 of the Maine State House. Former Republican legislator Les Fossel will speak to the topic “The Way Forward”.

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