Maine AllCare launches 501(c)(4) political and advocacy arm: HealthCare for All Maine

Formed in July 2022, HealthCare for all Maine shares Maine AllCare’s mission to advocate for a publicly-financed health care system that provides comprehensive health care coverage for everyone in Maine. HealthCare for All Maine will advocate at the Maine State Legislature for passage of legislation that will provide medical, dental, vision, hearing and mental health care coverage for all Maine residents.

Despite gains in providing Maine residents with coverage through the Marketplace and via the expansion of MaineCare, fully 8% (~13,000) of Maine’s residents lack health insurance. Many thousands more are underinsured. Anyone in Maine may receive a surprise medical bill, and many will face bankruptcy because of illness.

Dr. Ted Sussman, internist, Maine AllCare board member and long-time Houlton resident has been elected President of HealthCare for All Maine’s Board of Directors.  “All means all”, said Dr. Sussman. “Too many people are left out of our current health care system.  We encourage Maine people to speak out, and to push their state legislators to enact legislation that will enable and encourage every Maine resident to access health care when they need it.”

To join the movement for Health Care for All, email  or

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HealthCare for All Maine is the 501c4 political and advocacy arm of Maine AllCare

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